Gross-iest Topic: Health is Determined on the Poop

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Some of you may not know it, that a dog’s poop can determine the health of your dog. As a pet owner, it is crucial to understand our dogs. Dogs have a different language than our own and it is important as a pet owner to know our dogs really well. Their actions, how they talk to us, and etc.

Sometimes, when they get sick, you cannot tell. There are times when they don’t really display they have a health issue, but when you see their poop, it tells you a lot about what’s going on in their body.

You need to check their poop not just for parasites, but also of other underlying health issues such as parvo, distemper, infections, and more.

A healthy dog should have a healthy-looking poop! Hahaha! It sounds gross and weird, but this is true!

A healthy poop should display:

  • even brown in color
  • solid-looking
  • clean or clear

So, you see, if you see your dog poop in their usual space, and you check it out, it will tell you if the health is in question or not.

Keeping tabs on your dog’s poop should be part of a routine.

If your dog poops in a place where they are not supposed to, then you may have to train them. The earlier, the better. If you need other dog training tips, browse through our categories.


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